Witness my love for technology being put to the test~

The computer wanted to do its own thing today..another perfect opportunity to be at peace lol..seriously, i downloaded Explorer 9 because the computer said i should and this thing hid all my important buttons..like cut, paste and copy…so with the writing i had to do today it kinda slowed me down just a bit …3 hour delay on the writing because i was editing stuff..i felt a bit lost, so i went online and googled a way to fix the problem or to find a way to cope without my buttons, before i did that though, i remembered the command short cuts but couldn’t completely remember them..i tried a few things but they did’t work too well soo i called some friends for assistance..by the time i did all that and no one either answered when i called or they didn’t know the answer at all or untill i had the answer from looking online..man, i had to laugh because even though i found a post with the right assistance i was looking for, i still stumbled upon the exact thing i wanted to do by just trying something..and it worked..otherwise the webpage was only telling me how to use the freakin short cuts..it was quite a discovery i tell you..i smiled extra big after all the stuff and lets not talk about setting up this new blog..details and more details:-) so far an interesting and reflective day…loving the music and wind blowing into the window today..truly amazing day inspite of everything..learning, growing and connecting is my thing.. Blissful Moments

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