Make your Values clear

Divine wisdom can come from anyone since the indwelling force of the Universe is within all. And even though one may hear wise words from a stranger on the street that may fit with the path one may be on, its important to have goals to keep one sharply planted on the ground throughout there life. Many distraction will come and go but one doesn’t have to be moved by these things. Listen and allow most information to pass and one shall have unmoved success with walking their destiny. If one does walk off their path, its important to understand that, even that straying was a part of the learning process that one would be guided to walk through for whatever divine reason. Even the delay and wasting of time one my perceive is just another classroom to learn in where one will indeed receive the chance at understanding another lesson of earthly life. So whatever place you are you can move through it, with the quickness of a changing though. And even that desire to continue forward  movement is exactly where your person lifepath is supposed to be. Crossroads or choices between two or more things will have to be made at many stages in your life, the important tip to get past this knowing you have made a sound investment in your future by choosing the way you did is to scan your life mentally before these crossroads come and write down a list of your do’s and don’t as it pertains to your person, whatever your name may be, i’ll use my name for an example; Sereda does not do this, this and that (period) then do another saying for example; Sereda does this, this and this (period) make this your list of virtues and values. Now that you have a list of do’s, you may rank them also in accordance to their priority to the others on the list. This is the list you will focus and meditate on before the crossroads come your way. Also keep in mind and write down some cause and effect items to remind you of what will happen if you do this or don’t do that.

In life we must have something in place for personal accountability, i know from looking at history when times were most peaceful, that individuals had values they lived by and those values coincided with divine law or in other words, the laws of nature. If we look around us now, there is not much of that to be found on a large scale, so i see change truly happening in the world when persons start living with the thoughts of seeing others live fruitfully and they also support the life as a whole no matter what it is. I visualize a place where people remember that God (the Universe) or (Creator) has certain laws in place that cannot be avoided by even the brightest person living. Once we learn to use our power of thought to create abundantly we can heal ourselves and this planet by seeing only what we want to see more of. This planet will balance itself out anyway. It does not matter what anyone does to stop the process, they will be destroyed, its the Law of Karma, its The Law of Attraction, LIKE ATTACTS LIKE. We all get what we put out. And that means through thoughts, words and action. Lets make a change now, the change will not happen through one, it will indefinitely be through our joint efforts. The connection that we have to one another is infinite and real. Thats why one will not be able to do it. Its like waiting for your toes to walk you somewhere, no it will take the wholebody to to this, focus on the oneness, feel it. ~ ❤ and Bliss, this is some long morning incite 🙂 i thought i was writing a paragraph. But more came through in the process. Enjoy your day divine abundant ones’.

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