My day at the Baltimore Book Festival and random stuff

Baltimore's Washington Monument lies two block...

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Enjoying the weather at the Baltimore book festival..everyone is here.. Navasha Daya is on the stage right now..there some eccentric free flowing dancers in front of the stage..they are feeling it..I’m waiting to hear my song..when it comes on I’m putting on a show for sure..

Urbanite had list on a table where there was a notebook with a story that was started by one person and continued by 54 people..when I got to the table I made the 55th person..I added my paragraph to it and the person at the table said the story would be emailed and published online via their website.. anyway I’ll post the story here after they send it to me..I had some sushi vegan style of course and saw some.Facebook people while I was out..enjoyed a nice time with a friend of has been relaxing..books, writers, music and lively weather …hope yours was nice as well..bliss

This event just passed but here is more information on it.

More photos to come later.

Baltimore Book Festival! (

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