Like a painting of golden orange, yellows and light blues

the sun rises on the horizon

where your eyes also link casually with mine

through deep hued grass and trees

multi prisms of flowers

almost invisible clouds

crystal quartz  in my hands

channeled to you

abstract laughter in September

qi high

from daily energetic

peace cultivating

mindful meditations and yoga

movements within holographic dimensions

our life force communication

comparable to the playing of ambient songs of colorful

harps, bells and mesmerizing flutes

blowing through warm wind

enveloped  in glowing bright chakra lights

break time in the sun, no things

in time.. no action in side

legs crossed on our usual surface

a medium  sized tight stitched yellow and white thrift store crocheted blanket

receptive hearts

crown chakras sparked

cyphers’ about

sexual healing

nature and The Law of Attraction

your nickname is 15

vital Ox

your asterism I forgot it

verbal word play on reflections in your water revealing all

its the beginning

we kiss


time travel

destiny repeats

as we embrace

synchronized existence



astral travel

we return

to our galaxy

connected by thought forms

arrival has come

silent greetings to

blue -ish purple family

in realm 367

no clocks in sight

in galactic existence

time is none

air is food

words are spoken through only silent pictures

hugs facilitate galactic travel

stars fly

creation is priority

so many little blue babies

unlimited water is within

now home we  are covered in indigo skin

time for

weightless walks holding hands

simple friends

sharing stories through silent pictures on river banks

watching my magical mermaid tail you adore me here

curvy with long black hair

i breathe into your hands to offer repair

your body exudes strength

on this

yellow-green night

copper moon and

silver sun

glitter highlights




resembling the experience of earth mornings

trickles of fog on the water

unspoken celebrations on the shore

creatures and beings hear of our return

incarnations before now

ancestors unite


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