A conversation on how i take care of my hair

Many men and women ask me how i take care of my hair. Here the last conversation i had with someone about that process. ~Bliss

The person who i’m having this conversation with is a male.

HIM: Hello sista, i need some tips on how you give life to your hair. How do you keep it conditioned and moisturized so it wont be damaged. I heard about the hot oil treatment. Any tips would appreciated…thanks 🙂:) Yeah , what process do you do to keep it fly like that.

ME: Good rising… I do a few things to it…I plan to wash it weekly or Every week and a half..I use a shampoo from wholefoods wash like 2-3x then put in a conditioner for 10-15 and once a month ill leave the conditioner in for at least 2 hours..afterwards I use a spray bottle that ive added rosemary essential oil to…use that to keep your hair from getting overly oily…then alot of Shea butter..olive oil..jojoba oil and various essential oils (lemon grass..grape fruit..tea tree..whatever you want.. mixed together..then apply it..then while my hair is still wet I section my hair with my fingers and comb it out the same way..or not all all..because its not tangled..forgot..in the shower while the conditioner is in I comb it through somewhat with my fingers…anyway big twists all over..like 8..then let it air dry.. 🙂:-) its super soft too…

HIM: i dont want comb it either. I like the Lenny Kravitz style. I just want to make sure I keep my hair healthy while trying to achieve this look.

ME: ok. i don’t comb mine

ME: maybe once every month..i do with my fingers though when i condition it..

HIM: thank you!


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