Pieces of Fruit

Sweet nectar fills the mouth of a 


man as he

rests on a worn

wooden green paint chipped bench

reluctantly waiting

just back from washing his hands

mind fixed on a clock  to call his number 1:33 

the time is just after 12 noon


his eyes close as he graciously bites into a Bartlett  pear

capturing the velvety textures completely through his tongue

he is reminded of something

fruit juice trickles down as

he breathes slower

then looses interest in the clock and train

everything else fades into the background

wetness covers his hands as he devours his food


but insatiably

relying on memories of his lady to entertain him 

 images of them together


one after another

collections of colorful words used by

the two of them in the bedroom

reveal themselves

their language is  ancient

at times even


they spoke in a tongue that only he and

his lover could decipher

chewing… slowly

then recalling her scent a bit more

he concludes

her scent should be bottled and

called: Passionately free with me

He thinks out load? am i back there? is she here?

mmmmm damn lady

closes his eyes, breathes back to center

decides to taste her now

suddenly he eats the fruit as it were his lover

enjoying all of her

taking his divine time embellishing

her sacred yoni with his face

 savoring vivid images of their

lips and tongues

mysteriously finding the others

wet and delicious





as a couple

naturally they are  opposites

yin and yang

combining to make warm  cosmic electricity

the sun is bright

pear 1 is done

with her he’s just begun

he always eats 2

now back to  daydream part 2

reminisces of late run on nights that seeped

 deep into the morning melt together  

as a chocolate bar does in the deep hotness of summer

in the sun

reflects their  force

both from a divine source

dynamicly joined in a tantric dance


their bodies sweating like the


of water bottles

its fire HOTT


he is fixated

on  her moans 

their bodies would make the

finest in sexual themed paintings

opens his eyes

briefly he checks the scene

his moment of pleasure is safely in his minds eye

in front of the old train station

he takes more bites of his fruit

closes his eyes

without a care of being seen

sucking and slurping

making a sweet juicy mess

she invites him in closer

looking so beautiful

her body totally receptive

to his touch

even while he’s with her

he has past visions of this woman who is also his fiance 

to add to the visions he is currently experiencing with her

it all makes his mouth water

she wants it

DEEP ahhhhhh yes

how can i be of service?

she says softly as

 juices from his pear cover  his thick  lips and spill over as he kisses her

making more room for her sweet kisses

sticky juice is everywhere on mhis clothes and on her body

the sun is pulling the liquid from his pear

his slanted eyes close again

he is damn near drooling by now

he says to her, baby, i told you i 

couldn’t wait too long so i came to you

his cell phone rings

there is a woman’s voice on the line

yes baby, I was just with you

she says  I.. know….

ahh we are divinely connected, how could i not feel you,

or even receive you when you cum to me like that?~

thats’s my train, lets continue this later.  i love u 

and  i you too

thank you for everything.

train announcement (ALL ABOARD)!


8 thoughts on “Pieces of Fruit

  1. Nice! A good man deserves a bottle of “passionately free with me”. Ladies do as well. glad I waited to read this. Lawd have mercy 🙂

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