Random thoughts~ Remembering to visually document Autumn

Its time to take some pictures

Nature is beautiful this time of year. The leaves  on trees turn to a kaleidoscope of lovely colors this time of year. I promised myself that i would step out and find some trees to photograph with my two cameras.  may even photograph a couple of people as well. I’ve always enjoyed photos, being in them is my favorite but I also enjoy taking photos too..

i use a 14.9 mpg Canon and a 10 mpg Canon as well. When i used to design and create jewelry, the 10 mgp took serious photos close – up on the macro setting. The other camera has so many more features than the other but they both take serious shots.

I used to enjoy using picasa to edit some photos in just for fun, since I haven’t done that in a while, I just might. I have  a photo shoot coming up soon. Its gonna be a bit yummy…Tobe is the next photographer then Alex again..i’m almost ready.  Yes, I’ll share the shots here… Peace Love and Bliss


4 thoughts on “Random thoughts~ Remembering to visually document Autumn

    • Thank you for commenting! the words are mine but the photo i didn’t take. i was looking for something yesterday that would inspire the photos i’m about to take for the fall..and there it is..i love it! Anyway, I’m always looking at other peoples work. and if i’m head over heels for it i share it…i’m adding some of my work right now:-)

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