Ancestors have come

Free-standing espaliered fruit trees (Belgian ...

just walking from

the hallway  of his apartment

deep north side

organic fruit trees

lean into  the street

in a co-op garden



red living roma tomatoes


Speaking  through a vortex


away from human eyes

his ears jammin

bumping peace rhythms on the fly

effervescent  dance in the portal to drums cyphers

walking through jazzy like

focused messages from ancestors

pink and green move then

 illuminate the sky

he wants to DANCE all day

high off the coming of his grandfathers


heavy heart

old and new


grandfather smiles in his way

releasing more reasons to be in

appreciation of ALL of them who came before

dark brown skin he saw them, huddled together

resilient and smiling even after  they have crossed over

speaking in african linked

 tongues calm from after storm

eating in the beautiful sun

cutting out a piece of the vision for later

they touch his smile

they have not come  for light years

earth is the new study

they watch remotely



we sleep


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