The demise of the New Whirl Odor

New Whirl Odor


have you heard?

massive killing, stealing, raping


they used to call me the sister who sent too many emails

regarding the plan to take over the world

my intent was  to educate individuals on the


repeatedly individuals would say..

Sereda sends too many emails to my inbox

it’s not my style to get so many emails in my mailbox~

they wear shiny clocks on their


callin them

watches but the time is unknown, the true time no one seems to know

someone  stole that too..

NWO goes and goes..they will not for long..

see the cycles are permanent, eminent, they can’t dodge destiny

.it’s an invisible thing..they send out pain so i know

they feel pain

they seem to enjoy it,

I can’t imagine how much comes to them

see from here it seems the crazy paradox out weigh solutions to the problems,

people you are only energizing the problems. walking with signs of printed things you DON’T WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD..



….thinking about them encourages the problem, let the universe clean house,

the divine force in NWO has is the same one that is in you and I,


they see the connection

that’s why they keep most on hush with dead food, drugs, cigarets, SUGAR, stimulants

vaccines and guilty penalties, blame and non-trust..

they know the time

they stole history then repackaged it as a lie

it’s a lie

don’t believe the hype

they’re not from the sky.

their vibration is the opposite of the one in me

dark ness is in them

they will never be free

only bright light in me

representing CREATION


we need more love in the world. forget not..

I take comfort that

we all chose our paths and sides before

returning to earth.


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