Love. Passion. Kisses. Desire.

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Love POem 1~

Roaring swirls of anticipation caressed the  delicate lining of her fluffy belly

focused on his mature thick lips, chocolate skin and giant hands , she gathers his

essence up for later

without reservation she mentally sketches scenes from his live photo gallery she

celebrates his choice to return to the identical

time and space as her own

stimulated by the psychic magnetic magnetism they find themselves connected by

nothing can stop destiny

whether it’s now or later

theirs will be done in a paradise of love

they kiss forever

imagining the feeling of his hands on her face she Collapses into a warm space on her 


expressing in her mind all that may get lost in time

within the space before they would meet personally

was all she concentrated on

just then

she heard a whisper…


is all she could decipher from the messages that came out of her view..

suddenly she had an old  glimpse of this handsome man

she knew his hands

she began  feeling the touch of him on her hand


the opportunity


‘WHERE DO U COME FROM?’ she asked this time out loud

no one could hear her

but someone spoke back..


now i’m free


your heart is genuine

pure and clear

your passions

freed me just long enough to come to our


and remind you that

I LoVe U

now kiss me

my sweetheart

Love Poem  #2 coming soon~

8 thoughts on “Love. Passion. Kisses. Desire.

    • ahh i can still feel that gift too…you are very special Cheryl, now i know what you meant in your comment the other night..i feel you deeply
      i hope this post made you smile, you’re so positive and determined ❤ lots of love to you goddess and thanks for taking the time to comment!

  1. Feeling these words. The vibe is inspirational. And please know that the affirmation comes from a author of 3 poetry books, sister. I also have written some short erotic stories but those have never gotten out of the notebooks. This piece of yours may mark a turning point for my writing because your poem is so narrative; the imagery constructs a scene and the fleshes out the characters. Loving this!! Shows me that my own stories never have to be seperated from my poetry. That’s the inspiration I spoke of. When I sit at the laptop later, I’m going to post a cpl things on your fb page of mine that I think you just may find some inspiration in as well. Peace queen, you are the earth.

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