walk on the beach

smell the air in the mountains

let go

get metaphysical

stop doubting

live up to your standards

baby sit


live alone

cultivate the peace you are naturally

highlight your gifts

be patient

talk to your ancestors

let go

give thanks

attract your soul mate

have a family

remember your oneness to all

eat an exotic food

feed someone

release everything

share your love

separate the conditioning from reality

give more of you

go shopping

be an inspiration

dress up

read more books

get inspired

trust someone

plan to retire

do what you favor

breathe deep


create what you want

keep your word

support your promise

speak without your voice

tell your story

learn qi gong

get  organized

do your absolute best


be straight forward

clean house like company’s coming

have fun

embrace success

detail your goals

wear your hair natural

get  a pet

walk in the moonlight

drink more water

tell someones’ story

feel the bliss

use your strength

document the present

improve your lifestyle

take a photo

 get a spiritual reading

be positive




learn tai qi

 tell the truth

be poetic

seduce your mate

love someone

incomplete for now;-)

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