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When we MAKE EXCUSES and blame others for our actions and make up reasons to act out inappropriately as a response to what we perceived as someone being against us or when one has claimed to have wronged up in some way’s this mental state that is truly keeping us in the same RUT for longer and longer and over and over and even if you leave the situation it will have a different face on it with the …same stuff though. If we constantly walk away, lie, blame cheat and hide from the truth, we never get the message we were there learn from that particular situation, infact all you really can expect is some nasty Karma and heavy obstructions on your path with no lesson learned in that classroom..One thing you will see is the same challenges until you get right and understand that its about YOUR ACTIONS and not someone else’s.. everyone is subject to the law of like attracts like.SO EVERYONE WILL GET THERES’ -You don’t need to point them out or seek to punish them …And if that situation is not for you, before you leave it, understand all things have a lesson in them for you and you are there to GROW..then move on with a smile if you like but at least be at peace.. .if you don’t care for what you’re attracting or seeing IN YOUR WORLD, SIMPLY ♥ TRANSFORM AND CHANGE!


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