I witnessed Divine Connectivity again <3 WOW!

I am reminded again that we are one and the creator of all who is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent at all times in inside of everything and everyone as consciousness..I witnessed this again today, I was searching the internet and I found someone saying such similar insight to what I write and with such peace, compassion and love I literally stopped and my mouth fell open and I felt a bit warm while also like letting a tear come to my eye..I was like wow…let me see who this is with this channeled wisdom coming from them…it was someone I have never seen but interestingly enough I felt this serious deep connection to this sister..She is definitely meditating and she has chosen to be a vessel for speaking the words of God while on earth, I am just delighted to have seen this over the course of several months. I know other light beings that do this too but this one used so many of the same expressions that I would have, although they still had their own spin on it…I am so grateful that I am not someone who chooses to be bias against others for any reason at all.. Energy does not lie, I felt a divine familiarity with this person and many others’ God is within no matter the color, shape or anything of a person. It is true many have chosen not to be a scribe, messenger or one to channel of the healing force this world needs but peace and joy will reign supreme always. When an individual truly FEELS the power of the entire universe connected to them and them to it, they will know that all the things that seem to differentiate us on the physical plane would be of no concern to us if we chose to live an elevated life that is reflecting light. When one knows this feeling of divine love there will be no room to hate or dislike another being, why you may ask? It is because that being is you my dear beloved. They are here for you to learn a lesson from…that is all. Once you choose to go within more often, you will see what I mean. the answer is there but to tune into the frequency all of nature thrives on you must still the mind and close your mouth and eyes…after that experience you will certainly experience the blessing that we have on earth which is to learn unlimited lessons while in perceived human form it’s utterly genius yet it is very simple.. So in closing all I wanted to share was that I experienced the creators Omnipresence which means that the creator is everywhere all the time…but it seems as if God is nowhere because it has no form but it can be any form by vibrating to a certain speed particles appear to be solids…amazing..I saw someone today who is breathing the same air I breathe yet they are in another country and they feel my experiences because they are experiencing the creator at the same time as I…In addition, their expression is all of healing and uplifting the masses 😉 God is good. ~BlissReturned (sitting in LOTUS POSE & hands in PRAYER POSE) i ❤ all of you.


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