Only human? Absolutely not!

 Many individuals think we are human. We are not. Humans cannot create anything without using their hands…and perhaps a brains too (smiling)

Instead we are divine beings…we can bend time with our minds…focus on a goal and the universe will assist with carving the mold…even if another day must unfold..

Reality is no matter…the platform we walk around in is really no-things…material things are an illusion to the eye…

It is also impossible for us to die…

Now if we are speaking of the body yes it is true

But the life force is invisible and lives forever it is consciousness

That life force is what leaves the body when we die

Therefore, in truth without these heavy bodies we damn sure can fly

To think we are human is the great hoax, complete sham.

It is like thinking vegetables are in spam 🙂


 The thought that WE are limited in any way is an earthly mental construct that limits the flow of qi through the body…if one only knew that thoughts are energy; thoughts move qi like energy transfers light…

It is also earthly conditioning that constantly creates this veil of illusion in order to keep this earthly experience fun

When one is not aware of who and where they are, the lack of sight can get in the way of who we are collectively

Consciousness is what we will always be

 Truly, we are divine beings having a spiritual experience

Simply put, we are no things.

We are everywhere but now here at all times…unperceivable…unbelievable…invisible to the naked eye…but all-powerful and all knowing

We are able to create our realities with our thoughts.

Created in the likeness of God…

 Essentially, it is as if the creator of all is an ocean and then we are a drop of water from the ocean…

Some want to believe they are this or that… but you have a chance to experience this phenomena, close your eyes, meditate and go into a deep state of trance for about 30 minutes plus, it could be less if you are experienced..

Within that silent space within, between your breaths, once the breath starts to continue on its own…YES I SAID YOUR BREATHING PATTERN WILL START TO WORK ON ITS OWN…at that point you will experience the consciousness that you are

 As the WITNESS to everything around you and that means the very body that you witness this earthly life from…you will feel PEACE, BLISS, JOY and that it all..You will be conscious of being conscious…still, silent and you will witness life as you always do but you will be weightless…because you are not the body anyway…

You are like an operator of a human sized robot… you are invisible inside of a human body…so that means the body is just a shell right? ~, love light joy and bliss RIGHT!




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