38 Powerful Affirmations

1. Whatever I can conceive, i know its done in the universe

2. If I see it in my mind, I will attract it to my life

3. I open myself to receiving all abundance of the Universe.

4. In my present life  i have all that I will ever need.

5. I am richly blessed in unlimited ways

6. I am love

7. I am One with all

9. I love all with joy in my heart.

10. I am balanced and in perfect health

11. Every cell in my body vibrates withvital health and positive energy.

12. Bliss is the breath of my soul.

13. I see beauty everywhere I go.

14. I am financially wealthy!

15. Checks are given to me daily.

16. My wealth grows in ever increasing amounts.

17. I love my life!

18. I live in the house of my dreams; in tranquil surroundings filled with love, with healthy family and joyful children!!

19. I attract love everywhere i go.

20. My relationships are harmonious!

21. I work as i want, when I want and anywhere I want to.

22. My business is a total  success!

23. I enjoy absolute  freedom!

24. I joyfully experience the world .

25. My memories reflect how wise i have grown.

26. My life is one big adventure.

27. I give to the the world with unconditional love.

28. I help those in need without reservation.

29. My teachers inspire me to live in abundance!

30. My inner home is a peaceful retreat, and storehouse of practical wisdom.

31. I celebrate life all the time.

32. Inspiration is my middle name.

33. Opportunities always arrive at the right time in the right place

34. I reflect before i choose

35. Miracles manifest everyday in my life!

37. To the Universe i express unlimited Love and gratitude in all that i do


10 thoughts on “38 Powerful Affirmations

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  3. I am grateful Ms. Shakit posted this on her facebook page. I am grateful I wrote them down. I will like for you to send me powerful affirmations #8 & #36 so I can complete my great list of 38 powerful affirmations. Thank you for accepting my H.A.L.F of greatness,,,Helping.Another.Leap.Forward youth center/ministries

  4. how do i use these affirmations? do i just say it ? even if its a wish of mone not yet reality? like i want all these to happen in my life? i say it like i already have them? sorry i need help with this let me know

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