Lively Music, Great Food and Drink~

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I was at an Ethiopian restaurant yesterday, this is one of 2 I know of in Baltimore, I enjoy their food immensely, the service is nice, the food is like paradise every time you visit them as well. While an associate and i munched away at our Injera which accompanied a plate of 10 vegetables. We laughed as we ciphered about music genres; this person happened to be a jazz musician, medical student and all around cool cat. The next thing I know, the television was on in the restaurant, on the screen there was this funky, fly, fast paced rhythm of drums, and other instruments. The music was catchy. But the other interesting part of the videos was the dancing. Oh it was super fresh, they definitely get their dance on in Ethiopia! They have this dance where they use a lot of shoulder movement. Its hot! I was dancing in my seat, as were other people in the restaurant. Immediately after eating our 1 shared plate of delicious food until it was completely in our bellies. My guest ordered a coffee, as he spoke about how strong the guy at the counter made it when he was working, i responded by telling him that, I found it to be strong but it’s so good though. See I’m not a regular coffee drinker because I need no help in the nervous system arena, since mine is always working, and fast too. Soon after we received our coffee. Then we all laughed and moved a bit in our chairs to the beat of the music, constantly smiling as the coffee had us pretty open. I had to ask the server if he put something in the coffee just for a laugh. Anyway I posted this video because I love this music as I do so many other genres of music too..but now I have another one I will most definitely be dancing to for the rest of this week. Enjoy it..I will post another soon once i find one with this tempo and matching energy. You see this is spiritual music in Ethiopia, one type that’s very popular we were told and the people in the video are a part of a tribe. Those of you who know me and even the ones’ who don’t know that I’m a spiritual woman. Love and Light to you.

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