Clutter Clearing. Organizing. Making room.

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Why Clean up the Clutter? It is said that energy is apart of everything. Energy also needs to move freely to keep everything balanced in you will Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of designing buildings and space arrangement according to special rules about the flow of energy, aimed at achieving harmony with the environment. Take a walk to get your energy flowing then come home and Objective! Throw out and/ or organize the clutter into something useful. 1. Grab a notepad and walk around your rooms then take a walk around the house or building then walk outside and walk around, taking stock of anything that gives you an uncomfortable feeling, or gives you a feeling of being stressed or unbalanced in any way. Be honest and this will work best. And remember nothing is out of control, you can tackle any problem that arises with a game plan and action:-) 2. What have you not used in a while, ask your person if its been 3 months, 6 months or a year plus since you’ve used this thing or that one? Do you know someone who can make better use of certain things you have in your home than you can? Think of names to gift things to and write their names next to the objects you want to pass off to them. If you can thing of a couple of names, that s fine as some people may already have what you’re trying to give away. Somebody will want it and if you don’t personally know someone..There’s always Goodwill and the local thrift store. 3. Keep your mind open, don’t let your person get tight in the shoulders about this task, remember all projects have to start somewhere, give your person an internal hug for starting here and keep on going with a smile. Challenges are the best way to grow, right? So get in there and roll your sleeves up and let’s get it done! 4. Look into what you want to keep, and then take stock of where you can store this stuff if you decide to keep anything. 5. Walk around looking for storage bins and boxes if you need to use them for the excess stuff you may decide to keep for now or maybe you want to put away and go through later. 6. The point right now is to get some energy circulation going on in your space! 7. Look around for spots on the walls and grab some rubber gloves and pine sol or bleach, pretty warm water and a bucket to tackle this project. Go in with agility and get it done without thinking about it…See it clean it! 8. If there is anything you want to throw away, do it! if you need a second opinion on whether or not to throw something away, listen to your inside voice:-) don’t ponder too long..get it done! 9. Smile and hug your person for coming this far on this Anti clutter journey, you are strong and in control. 10. Is there smelly trash lying around the house or old food containers you never reuse? Recycle them out the door into a trash bag and take them out when you take all the other stuff you’re giving away. 11. Arrange your shoes in the closet and hang up the clothes or store them in containers and trash bags, and if the clothes aren’t your style anymore or you know you don’t want o wear them, give them joints away with the quickness.. pack the give-aways into trash bags and load up the car with all that you want to pass to the community. 12. Have books all over the house? Get them together and place them on a shelf or dresser, in a box to give away or anywhere where they will be in a central location so they can be used more regularly. Do you need a new bookshelf? Price one online but keep it simple. 13. Have extra books you know you won’t read again, pass them on to someone who will love them… 14.Feel lighter yet? I bet you do:-) that’s the ticket. now where re those sweet-smelling candles and or incense hiding? Maybe you have an oil burner? Light one of those up and fragrance the spot to celebrate 15. Baby toys all over the house? Grab a box and tear the tops off of it and use it as a toy box if you don’t have an official one. It works just the same and the ones out of the store, if you want it colorful then make a date with the children to decorate the box with glue and paper clippings. 16. Vacuum the floor and carpet, sweep the floor, mop, dust the wood and glass, tv, wipe counters and wash the dishes. 17. last, collect all the miscellaneous stuff laying all over the place, make a decision and toss out or find a place for it, be careful or you’ll rack up potential clutter again. 18. Whats that refrigerator look like? Crazy? Ok then pull everything out set your timer for 30-1 hour and then spray it down with pine sol or bleach or some heavy-duty cleaner, let sit for 5 then wipe it out with warm water and rinse then wipe again. you got it! you’re good, Wow look at that:-) 19. Any frames and decorations sitting around that you never made use of? Use them now:-) celebrate your home and beautify it. Make it reflect your energy. 20. Do you have a million unfinished hobby projects sitting in your home, awaiting your gifted hands to complete them? If you want to finish it them plan it, and leave one project out to work with, put the rest away, next, think of other people who may be in love with the hobby you used to care for but not so much now. Gift the supplies to them and or the Goodwill. 21. Step back outside and beautify this space in simple ways like cleaning up the plants, clipping weeds, cutting the grass, racking the yard, hanging some plants, watering the yard, throw away anything in excess! 🙂 22.Take a glorious shower or bath and get out and feel the energy all around. Feels divine doesn’t it. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your cleaning journey. Happy Balanced Home to you and yours! Cleanliness is Godliness 😀 Oh, one last thing, my new rule is to give something away before i busy something new, especially if i have 10 handbags currently, then before i add a new one to my collection, i should pass one to someone who needs one. This is a powerful gesture in addition to that, clutter will not have a chance to build up.  The other wonderful thing is the sharing that comes into play here. If you keep the energy moving in your life, blessings will aways come back to you. You get what you give.  Cleanliness is also mindfulness.


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