The journey of writing 50,000 words starts today and i’m ready!

Todays the big day, i could barely sleep last night thinking about what i would write for the first day of Nanowrimo. What is that? It is a yearly celebration of Novel writing month, which is every November 1st – 30th.  It is a pretty large contest where writers’ all over the world  dedicate a month to write a whole novel of 50,000 words or more if they want to by the end of November.

Sounds cool huh? Don’t you want to do it too lol? Well here is the website for more information

I just woke up, I did not rest as long as I visualized. Because 1 my brain wanted to start last night on the writing. Two my cats were picking up on my energy, so they wanted to get up early and play..they are in here playing right now. anyway I have two cats; Zoey and Asha..

The ionic thing is that my main character’s name is Asha for now. I wanted to use a name that would not be too difficult for my readers’ to figure out how to pronounce. I figured Asha is a simple one, so for now I will go with it.

I am writing a metaphysical romance story. I chose this because it is truly the way my life has been overall. I can definitely identify with metaphysics.

After I do some deep breathing for a few minutes I will start writing at home at first but right after the library opens up at around 10am, I will continue there.  I will update throughout the day 🙂 Thank you for reading and leave some comments please! ❤


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