About my yesterday and writing fiction for the first time.

I must admit that I have never written a single piece of fiction before today. for about a month and a half I have fantasized about doing it though. I went to bed late last night after working on another book i’m writing. I currently have a couple of writing projects in the loop. I have been great about giving them all the right amount of attention, I definitely see so much progress right now and in the future with what I’m building on.

Back to Nanowrimo, (www.nanowrimo.com) is funny but I got up this morning with less sleep than I wanted to have. Last night I did not want to go to sleep since I wanted to stay up and write all night. it seemed like the perfect idea. After careful thought I realized it was not a great plan. As a healer I need my nervous system; I need use my brain for my whole operation. 🙂

I woke up this morning with just one character and that is my main character. I sat in the library today and typed away. I was so grateful that my story is taking shape with scenes, other characters and more. I can feel a plot coming on too.

Before the start of Nanowrimo, I did a couple of readings to see what I should write about and who I should write about. The answers were very clear to me about how I should start. I knew I needed  to flow with the process and that I should just relax and go with it as I do when I write other styles’ of writing.

The characters and the story are literally writing themselves in. i have a couple of things I would like to add to my story but we shall see if I do.  At this point anything can happen with the story. I’m perfectly fine with that too.

This is a metaphysical love story by the way. its pretty deep. you know how I roll. as a healer I’m going to write about what I love do the most and that is healing the people.

Well enough of that this for now, I must write for my group on Facebook about this: how to attract the love that you’ve been wanting using Abundance Manifestation techniques.. its gonna be yummy ♥ here is the link to it if you would like to check us out. ~Blissful Abundance to you



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