Divine Embrace

Everything melts together in its own time, cycle and space. there’s no need to race, you have it already and don’t know it. it is a part of your destiny to claim it. don’t get too caught up externally, the real work takes place when we meditate and allow the answer to come from within our spirit, its is the invisible force that is generated from sitting down to do our mediations and qi gong and deep breathing, while living the 11 laws of God that will generate and send out a psychic force that will bring healing/resources to others and to our persons asap..i’ve seen this force at work daily and its divine magic…never forget: God put everything you need inside you, all you must do is clear away the conditioning so you can see those unlimited gifts you were already given, this life is about remembering who we are and enjoy that reality for what it is, so take full advantage of your talents and be the love in the world that you seek be the embodiment of Maat. Control your life force so no other can! God is in you! You have it all. Tua Neter (Thank God) And i love you, all of you ♥ ..You and i are one, as everything in this world is. Joyfully Enjoy this today and glow bright inside in its existence, and knowing who you are is power! Embrace it tightly. Look around at all your reflections today. God is so good.


One thought on “Divine Embrace

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