Random updates about my life

Yea so i’m working a couple book projects plus,  i’m thinking about moving out of Baltimore in the future. I know so many wonderful individuals up north and beyond but time and space do not matter to me.  i can still keep in touch regardless..

I recently downsized  in my life,  i practically gave away everything and on purpose. My ancestors advised me  to make room for the blessings i asked the universe for through doing my manifesting work.

They were on it because since then, i’m feeling as balanced, loved and ecentric as ever.  Just got back on my workout, i was working out with workout dvds and teaching kundalini yoga and qi gong in the park, when the weather was warm. Anyway, some of you remember me talking about Jillian Michaels killer workouts? If not on facebook they definitely know about it. If you want a serious challenging workout… There is ripped in 30 or the workout video Jillian Michaels came out with  before that one is powerful too..

I must say, i love her work, and incase you wanted to know how i heard of her stuff – a dear friend of mine told me about her workout and how you get great results from her short arobic routines, anyway..its been about 2-3 weeks since i’ve consistantly worked out.

Its been even longer since i’ve taught my Qi Gong class in Patterson Park too, the weather was perfect this spring and summer too, we had a great time in class. We were right under the sun, doing kundalini and hatha yoga, qi gong and deep breathing. I look forward to the day i can teach classes. Its so rewarding to everyone’ , i enjoyit because,  i get to share my time and the class, shares with me as well. Classes are starting up again people have been asking about them. I’m ready to work it out with you too. I’ll keep you posted on when but i show have the green light on a location to host classes in November.

More memories: This past summer I spent many days crocheting in the sun as well as teaching crochet classes. I almost forgot about the jewelry making too, i stopped doing it as a business because i know its not my destiny to do that all my life because people took a little too long to purchase my creations, they said they loved it but i ended up puttng more money into the materials and time when the money was not adding up. but i love making stuff..i look forward to being out doors again when weather is nice. It gets so hot out there in the summer that,  one would want to sit out there all day and just do something:-)

Now that its in the 50’s outside we aren’t having warm weather like that now but its ok..its still beautiful. Other than that i’ve been on this writing and reading, researching and creating my present as well as my future in my mind everyday, i do meditation, deep breathing, lots of silence, eat well as always, occational exercise and i am enjoying every second of this time. I’m writing more than ever, but then i’m always writing something.

I’m visualizing California as my future  home.  I am manifesting it daily and it is my desire to move somewhere more inspirational to my writing. Besides that,  i was born in Salinas California in, Monterey county.

My native american ancestors are calling me to return to bask in the light.  Though i was born there, more things are calling me to return, it could be the sun and beaches for one thing..better yet it is definitely including those two things.

In the midst of planning my getaway from Baltimore Md, i am focused on 4 book projects, daily self promotion, building up my company Bliss Returned to do more, visualizing my husband and family life which is i have attracted to me already,  life coaching others and positive communication.

It is funny,  even when i say i’m not going to do much, i’m still on my hustle. Speaking of hustles, i’m going to sell amulets this month and next month. People have been asking so i will make some:-)

I’m also doing more numerology reports this month too. These reports have helped so many people with understanding their purpose for being on the planet. i will post the links.  If you are interested in connecting on anything i spoke of please reach out.

We have deep healing to do! I will not stop until everyone gets some! Love, light and Bliss to you and yours..thanks for reading my random thoughts. Here is the link to my website www.blissreturned.com  and to my Facebook group page called: Building and Maintaining Abundance https://www.facebook.com/groups/loawithabundance/  Enjoy!

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