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The ultimate goal of this group is to remind individuals that we ALL have unlimited power to make UNLIMITED changes in our lives and in the world as well. The UniverseCreatorGod is within everything and everyone. Whenever we think, we create things in the world. There is power in intention. We can do anything we choose to…with karmic debt to follow if that thing is or isn’t in alignment with Universal law. We all are using the Law of attraction every second of the day whether we want to or not.

The key to Building and Maintaining Abundance is to do so with intention and constant awareness. Ongoing support from our peers can be a major help, this is another reason why the group was started.

On our paths it seems like we may be alone sometimes. If you are in this group or thinking of joining it, you may notice the immediate manifestation of whatever you think of the most come into your life, over and over. I know this way of ‘seeing’ is not how most of the world sees things, and because of this, some of us may perceive that we are alone because we can ‘see’.

We are never alone, no matter what a situation seems like.

This group was created for you because you wanted like minded individuals to build and exchange your magical experiences of ‘like attracts like’ with. This group is one answer to your thoughts. If you are in this group, you are completely normal and you know your power, or you are on the right track to understanding it here.

Please share your journey with us all. Any tips that have assisted you in understanding how to use THE LAW OF ATTRACTION will be helpful to others’, it does not matter how big or small you may think your victory or lesson to be. We all can benefit from your experience. If you need assistance, I don’t mind assisting. Ask on the wall or inbox me.

There will be exercises posted here to assist with developing the skill to attract exactly what we want consciously. Feel free to contribute, if you know something that works or seems like it will.

Also, we can post whatever we are working on in our lives as of (10/7/11), very often; we can show, better than tell our personal stories of attracting abundance.

I changed the rules of the group because we need to support one another in manifesting our goals. I still know that whatever we put 100% of our attention on is what we are creating. Please be mindful of that before you post; if I see shoes ads and spam I will delete them.

There will be no debating either. Religious views can be discussed in other groups but not here please. From my experience it doesn’t matter what one does spiritually because it will only affect the individual who chooses to walk that path.

In this group, you will learn something, it’s not like other groups, where people may argue and debate then lose track of what they joined a group for. We are always pushing positivity in here!

So with that being said, it is not up for debate if The Law of Attraction works or not…When you join this group, you are acknowledging that it works and you want to connect with like minded individuals or you want to see it work for you on a deeper level.

Whatever your reason for coming, I want to personally welcome you. I will share my personal journey with all of you as the days and months pass too. I encourage you to do the same.

Thank you again and let the posting begin. I will start by posting the video: The Secret, please do your part by searching the internet for lectures and info that shows us how to maximize The Law of Attraction in our lives. I posted some exercises to start it off too… (Please check the very first group post for this)

Let the divine learning begin Abundant Light Beings! This Group isn’t for everyone. Feel free to add whomever you like.

Foolishness and drama will be deleted on the first occurrence, time is precious!

Lastly, Visualize Abundance Manifested for us all…Let’s go all the way

Bliss to you,

Sereda Aleta Dailey


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