Cocoa Venus

*This fly poem was posted on my page with my photo last month. It was such a kind gesture I’m reposting it here…it’s a nice one. Peace~ Enjoy…btw the author of this one is not me.

Cocoa Venus

Curved like a stairway…to Heaven!

Cocoa Venus bebops do-wops in her clippity clops

like a hip hop tootsy pop!

Draped in the translucent glitter

of afro-blue stardust diddly-do

she bop-dee-wops lolli-pops

and jiggly-giggly goo-glops

like a brown-eyed Betty Boop

bops phat Daisy Duke Ellington hippity hops

in her skiddly dee and skiddly do wops!

So you can’t help but go koo koo for the Coco pops

she be poppin’

cuz she be BOPPIN’ the honey bee

like a chocolate covered candy apple tree!

So brothers be trying to get her in the Captain’s Crunch

and munch a bunch before lunch –

beeeee bobbin’ for Candy’s Apples

like slithering snapple grapples

in a barrel of foo foo flapple farrows

But Venusses Fly Trap naps at saps with gaps

seeking laps without snaps or heart maps

So she boop boop be doops

and woop de woops throughout the city

blowing cherry fruit loop kisses

like Hershey’s wishes

it could make chocolate as sweet as the misses

with the magical – delicious

super-cali-funkaliscious wishing well lips

and howl-l-l-l-l at the moon hips

that grip your pips

like Gladys Knight on a midnite train to Georgia trip

be making fools flip when they see her on the strip

cuz mannnnnnnnnnnn

aint nobody never – ever

ever ever ever ever come between us

like the Chocolate Misses Cocoa Venus!!!!

By: Paradise Free JahLove


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