What An Amazing Earth Year!

Today’s so special I have so much to be thankful for. Life as I knew it at the age of 33 has started with a new year 34 now and I feel better than ever. Learned so much this year I have to seen so much, shared and given so much. There are so many people who feel sad when I have a birthday coming up. Honestly I felt like that on a birthday. Life just gets better and better for me each and every year. Just like everyone else I had a rough time going up as well so I’m thankful for my life. It has taught me a lot of deep lessons. Values and everything about me has grown. I have such high standards for myself now and others around me. Last night that I will continue doing my teaching and healing work for others only deeper than ever before. I am a deep intense woman. And there is a reason for that is because I have come to heal and do my part. As a number 7 life path all I’ve ever wanted to know was to know the absolute truth about most things and I have certainly received that blessing. I keep on getting back every minute, every second, every hour and every day I get back more knowledge than ever before. Outstanding. I know so many wonderful people who are so supportive. I know god is working. the creator of the universe is always working as I attract what I want in my life all the time. Panicking about getting older is something i will never do. I recognize that I am not this body. I am a divine being who came to earth to experience life in this human  body. When you know you are not the body you do not worry about getting older because you know you are an immortal. Consciousness cannot die. That is what we are. I do not have to speculate or debate this. I know. The answers come to those who want to know. It is what it is. Ask your ancestors beloved. And you will know the real deal for real. Today I will enjoy another day full of great laughs, lessons and wonderment too. 2012 I will give even more than ever. I will also do more for me. Enjoy today, its all love! ~BLISS


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