Hey you~ You said you wanted someone deep…

Although i think you meant in the sexual sense.

Now i’m lost since that’s not the context we were speaking in.

Where did that come from?

I’m ..not that open. Let’s become friends. Your words cannot get me to sway..or to get into your bed. After careful listening, Silently reasoning I see that our definition of deep is out of ailment..

Looking into your eyes I can see your own words have mesmerized you. NOT ME. My choice is to move with my predetermined inner-G. My choice is to read you divinely before you can be with me in any way.

I’m free. You are chocolate and fine no doubt. That doesn’t seal the deal for me though. Your smoothness is something, though i’m not moved so much by your speech that i will sleep with a stranger.

As I stare at you I know in my heart that you’re just breathing this air with me in the eternal time and space since you desire me in a way, however the element that you connected with is more about sliding your big hands around my waist..than getting to know me and perhaps even sliding in and out of my personal space. Hmmm..Maybe even to stick and move without a trace. Haa i saw you in a dream. All the same moves.

Looking deep into my eyes ever so slowly 🙂 I see this slight gesture as the perfect time waster..for you. Because you’re not into me. YET. You can see me but not sea into me, you see sexual opportunity. You claimed to be can anyone be.. when our connection is unlimited connectivity. I have my watch on your charm, To me its an alarm. SLOWW down. Just breathe. BE. deep think. don’t sleep.

I’m pretty you say..not knowing I can read between the lines. Brother I saw that line that you spoke a whole day before.. you thought lying might get you more. Shhhhhhh.

Honesty about your sexual desire would have worked..doesn’t mean that’s what I’m into nor will it lead to an overnight acting scene staring you and me. I’m just taking my time to see. Are you superficial or is it me?

I guess you didn’t hear right, I’m open to learning more..but my curiosity ain’t that quick nor wide. Come closer and listen and you will hear exactly what I came here to do. Baby won’t you come inside? Inside my mind…my heart. Are you feeling that part?

All words that leave my lips are indeed true. There are no games here. Just respect and patients..the kind of patients grandma spoke about~

Time is one way I can measure your definition of may not measure up perhaps it might..right now watching your face I know deep is just another word for can I come inside..for you- that is. Lets take our time- this is only the first date. I’m way too deep to move so fast. If you want me!? My oracles will show that reality, if not i will have to let you  remain a friend or disconnect all association. Now that i have your attention. Let me mention.. Thank you. I’m ready to date you. Hey you~ This is Sooo Deep~

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8 thoughts on “Deep.

  1. An excellent rebuttal to the ‘brothers’ who claim to be so ‘Deep’. Makes me ‘overstand’ the true aspects of real ‘deepness’; a higher state of awareness when you say something to a free thinking woman, knowing that we need to express our thoughts with a Cosmic Mind and a True Heart instead thru Phallicism. Excellent piece!

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