Bhastrika Pranayama- Cures Lung Related Problems – Yoga” on YouTube

Several years back i was introduced to deep breathing by my first teacher of the art and many others. His name is Ra Un Nefer Amen. He is amazing. Also his teaching are as well. The results from deep breathing are amazing. From the first day that i learned how to do this type of inner work i have been working consistently on my practice. I can actually say this is one of my favorite things to do and to teach as well. Practicing deep breathing exercises is what  pranayama is. I teach this is my Kundalini Yoga class. Pranayams are good for us all on every level. Pranayams are perfect for or people who have sensitive and over active nervous systems plus several other things. I practice mine throughout the day. Because of the level of healing work i do for others i have to have my energy right. This is just one of the many ways i work my life force out..This is a short but sweet video~ Baba Ram Dav is nice with it! Enjoy~ I’m about to get into my breath work in a little while. I sure hope your day was lovely and divine. ~Sereda

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