New things in my life~

You hear about all of these New Years Resolutions and things..i never get into that. I change all throughout the year. There is always something to evaluate quite honestly. At least in my life there is. I woke up one morning and decided that i’m about to take to the next level AGAIN. Yeah, i said again lol. I’m 34 years old now. It’s time to change the play up. So i add a rigorous routine to my life. It’s actually more relaxing than rigorous, now that i think about it. I wanted to see just how far i can go with a routine. So what a better way to try it than to implement it totally. I’ve been on it heavy. I find that when i schedule my life, i have even more to give to me and to others. There’s nothing like knowing! By that i mean knowing what your next day will be like. What you will be doing because you planned it. I’m not talking about things like going to the store..i mean the stuff that happens before you leave the house too. We can get more done with a timeline in place. We owe that much as least to us. I decided that i would give more back to the world this year. I know i share all the time but, i thought of the best way that i can make a change and this is it. Routines and schedules. Its one way to start the day with delight. next post i will talk about some of the add on’s to my life. Plus i will talk about the useless things that were taking up space or served no purpose in my new life~

Have an outstanding night! Bliss, that’s what’ up! Right!! ~ Sereda


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