I Used to Enjoy Wintertime~

Sunset at Goðafoss in Winter, Iceland.

The sun is out. I’m delighted about how it this winter has been so far. Personally i do not care for the season we all know as cold and chilly. My body is better suited for the summer and spring too. Even the animals are happy this year we have not had any snow yet. Can you blame them? I think not. My sister would say different, she loves the cold weather. NOT I-

I used to love winter time now that i think about it. Me and my sisters used to play for hours outside. Back then, the frigged, ice cold freezing snow never had an effect on us. We hardly got sick too! i give thanks to my mother for that. She always gave us the healthy home cooked food. She also knew certain things holistically to keep the life in us. Smart parents, my father always worked hard to make sure we had the things we needed. Life was very interesting growing up all over the world.

We laughed constantly growing up- all the way until now.  My family looks younger than what they are across the board. I would guess its because of the comedy  we always took part in. There was a certain lightness that was held in high regard. Its a good thing too. We generated some pretty joyous memories to look at when we want to smile or even laugh at life.

I can remember playing in the park as a little girl.. snow everywhere climbing mountains, playing in nature, the fruit truck, cleanliness, so many children to play with. What a time. I used to play soccer too. Loved it! Alright thanks for walking down memory lane with me and looking into my random thoughts:-) Enjoy the day and smile because its all love lessons~ BREATHE


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