Energizing Words To Nourish Your Self Image

Energize Your Words To Nourish Your Self Image

Affirming goals is a way to remind you of the image you will to be in the future.

You are already that person now. Time and space are never separate! You can also use these words to keep you in an active state, which is a way to constantly water your current state of mind, body and spirit.

You are great. If anyone needs to know it it’s certainly you! Since you are the doer. Its important to have the right tools in hand to keep you fresh as much as possible. Want to be in a different place than you are right now? Choose it. You have unlimited choices. Great! right? Sure its great. What’s next?

Your two most important choices here are to either wait for something to push you into a different place in life or you can build a new reality or foundation with a plan. Sure everything is subject to change! The cycles of life do not prevent us from moving into a state of inner peace. We have access to the meditation all the time. Practice breathing deeper as much as you can. You will be peaceful. Receptive too which will place you in the position of allowing the new to come through.


You should be flexible while at the same time- staying on point with the goals you have set forth for you and your family. Change is constant. So, get a plan then, be ready to flow into a new direction if you need to. It’s all good. Just stay motivated. People are watching you. Someone needs you. That’s a beautiful thing. -No it’s better than that it’s a divine thang!

Finally, do yourself a favor. Add these words to your affirmations and goals. Use these words to stay fluid, positive! These words are sure to fire things up like cayenne pepper! Enjoy.

Successful, Acknowledged, advantageous, auspicious, best-selling, blooming, blossoming, booming, champion, crowned, efficacious, extraordinary, flourishing, fortuitous, fortunate, fruitful, happy, lucky, lucrative, moneymaking, notable, noteworthy, on track, outstanding, palmy, paying, propitious, prosperous, rewarding, rolling, smash, smashing, strong, thriving, top, triumphant, unbeaten, undefeated, victorious, wealthy, accomplished, fruitful, victorious, prosperous, popular, fortunate, wealthy, triumphant, profitable, moving and shaking, comfortable, On point!


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