A Dedication To Men Everywhere

Give thanks to the men in your lives! i’m sending extra divine love to all the gorgeous brothas’ who take extra care of themselves mentally, health wise and in their dress..brothas ‘ who continue to make holistically based decisions and choices when no one is looking, indeed-you set a great example for our world at large and in particular for our young boys and men. Yes, I’m definitely talkin about the brothas who know better, I’m speaking about my spiritually uplifted brothas too, my deeply rooted in truth brothas’, naturally being a father to the world brothas’, leaders in our communities type of brothas, vital keeping- it- moving brothas’-I want to thank you for choosing to be a balanced healing force in the world. Your walk, honesty, sexy smile, warm HEART BE Changing up the earths frequency with your MAAT mental-ity, ooww your SKIN, your innerSMILES what a delight, enchanting EYES, THEY look just right- glad you’re on my side…you can’t deny it….WOW… WHAT A SIGHT! Uplifted Brotha …i recognize you from some other life, long time ago, you chose the narrow path..i see you♥ THANK YOU FOR LIGHTING UP THE WORLD WITH YOUR Beloved BRIGHT LIGHT, you reflect us All Perfectly! Completely! Blissfully- Keep on glowing… I ♥ YOU.


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