My 3rd Day Eating 100% Raw! Hello!

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Fyi..I am experienced with eating vegan and raw as well. I chose to go raw almost 8 (2004 was halfway over) years ago. Since i made the decision over night to change my diet permanently, i have enjoyed a whole lot of benefits. The benefit far outweigh the research and study it took for me to make the executive decision and cut the dairy completely. Tell you about it in another post. Anyway..

I choose to go raw every year during the spring and summer. After i do raw i do a percent of 70 Raw foods to 30% Cooked foods. This has been an amazing journey.

Before all the transitions to full blown vegan, i was what most people called ‘vegetarian‘. Although, I never called myself that because i thought of the word misleading because i was still eating cheese, fish and eggs. I used to say i ate like a vegetarian but i still eat certain things like seafood, eggs and cheese. 

When I was young I stopped eating chicken, pork, dairy milk. I’m talking before the age of 18. Pork I stopped eating before middle school. 

I would never dream of eating another way, the only way I would consider such a thing is the diet would have to be better than the vegan one I’m now on.

I’m very strict with my eating but i enjoy some sweets at times. My favorite sweets are the ones that are raw! How can we have sweets and decadence at the same time without an ounce of weight gain? It’s like magic! I’ve eaten raw since the first of February. I’m eating full raw for 30 days! Before the month started i pulled out my favorite raw recipe books to brainstorm a bit.

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I have 4 raw recipe books. One of them is a Dick Gregory one, another is by Ani Phylo and Rose Calabro I think, and last Gabriel Cousens. I’m having a ball though. In between the cold I have lol. My body is cleansing now. I should have a cold for a day or so. I feel great anyway. I’m full of life but I’m sneezing and blowing my nose. This is great. Anyway i will share some of the foods I’m enjoying tomorrow. 

I have a yoga class to teach tomorrow too. Funny. I will knock that out. I’ll get up tomorrow and deep breathe, meditate and do Qi gong, Blow my nose and I’ll be alright. Oh i have to tell you about the sun burgers and sun flower bread i made! Absolutely yummy. 


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