Day 5 Raw! Yummy yummy


Upon going raw this time, i went through a lovely cleanse. My nose was running, my body was flushing itself out. I felt great but my voice was a little distorted from the cold. i had it for about 2 days, maybe less than that. I don’t regret it though. Now i have less days to go through a detox. Plus i helped my body do its job. 


I’m loving this raw food thang..i can actually say that i miss eating this way. I usually eat raw a couple times a year when its hot outside.When i eat raw, i’t just healthy snacking to me. It feel that way anyway.


Although i’m not much of a processed food eater, i enjoy plantain chips. They sell them at wholefoods. They are green and baked with chili powder on them. So good! So i started making my own at home. At least this way i know what i’m eating. Plus it gives me a chance to prepare food at home. I love food. Cooking and preparing it brings me joy too. Tomorrow i plan on making some raw plantain chips. They are going to be delish! 


As for right now, i am eating some sun burgers i made with some black seaseme seed –sun flower bread with a giant avocado on the side, oh yea fresh spinach leaves and a tomato too. 


Tonight i’m making some raw brownies, i’m celebrating my success! Life is good all the time. Might as well..Meditation was power packed today. Or should i say peaceful. Qi Gong was power packed. My boy cat woke me up this morning. I was like..yeah right..i’m taking my time. Since i’m always up at the crack of dawn anyway. Ok sometimes i am. Last night i was up working. I deserve my rest, water and food! 


Oh yea i have  photo blog now. Its up as of last night. Feel free to check it out here:


Gotta go for now, I have more writing to do. Plus i claimed that i would watch movie(s) today. 😀 we’ll see about that. I’m watching this movie called Shoot em up smh. Very interesting stuff here. I’ll finish this movie tonight i’ve been watching it for a week at least. I know its sad. i just love chatting, reading, writing and researching so much. 


I promise to tell you about these raw brownies later. Later!


Replies and comments are welcome

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