Super Crystals That Do Wonders For Your Breath Work

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I bought some new gemstones recently. I was in a local store in Baltimore called The Turning Wheel. Their store has a nice energy about it. Anyway, i bought some stones that were calling out to me. I’m so glad i did. I had such an amazingly super deep meditation this morning that i had to share my experience. Let’s see where do i begin here:-) OK, here goes.

I picked up a crystal called Merkaba. It’s not type of gemstone though. The name Merkaba is the name of a symbol or  more specifically 2 pyramids that are joined in the middle to form a 3 dimensional shape. It’s quite neat looking. The best part about these mystical shapes is they come in several gemstone qualities. While in the store the other day, i saw a smokey quartz one and a Labradorite one. Can you guess which one i picked up? Even though i have a couple labradorite crystals at home, i still picked the Labradorite one. It literally called me to pick it up. Yes, i’m so serious. It shimmered in my eyes and hands. Then i took it home..well i chose to take it home after i felt the soothing vibes coming from it. I was like wow! The woman in the store that checked me out was like ‘ uhh ooo you picked up that one. Now you will buy it, i can tell by your face’ She was right. Even though the price was over the amount i wanted to spend. I knew what i was going to use it for. After energetic connection with the stone i decided to take it with me:-)

Check it out: I found more information on this cool crystal; shape online:

Merkaba..also spelled Merkabah…is the divine light vehicle used by the Masters to connect with and reach those in    tune with the higher realms. The Mer-Ka-ba is the vehicle of Light mentioned in the Bible by Ezekiel.

Mer-Ka-Ba means the Spirit/Body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of Light (wheels within wheels), which is a vehicle to transport Spirit/Body from one dimension into another.

It can take on many forms of light. It is made up of  2 star tetrahedrons. We all have a merkaba field around us. One just has to activate it to connect with the higher dimensions. Mer means Light, Ka means Spirit  Ba means Body. 

Source: mountainvalleycenter

Let’s talk about the other stones i meditated with. You gotta try this. POwerful stuff, let me tell you. So i used a Labradorite in the shape of a Merkaba, Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, Cactus Amethyst. I do about 3 different meditations in the morning so i also used Garnet then Bloodstone at different sessions too. Deep breathing and meditation will never be the same again. I will connect the other articles about some of the other stones i listed as well.

If i could put into words the way i felt during meditation, my body was suspended in mid air. I was completely centered. It was as if the body were not there at all. Honestly it is not. Ok i won’t go in too deep today. My breath was so soft and fine. I was telling a great friend of mine about it and i said “I felt like my breath was gliding over the ocean”. In other words, my breath was on automatic and it was gently flowing from my nose, barely. My teacher this lifetime once said that during Qi gong and meditation the breath should be very fine, as if we are pulling silk from a silk worm. I have learned over the years to pace the breath and to allow it to Slow, peacefully and steady, absent of all force. I now allow the breath to pour silently from my nose (the mouth is always closed) and just to relax into it. I focus on the abdomen area (where the navel is). This way i know my deep breathing, meditation and qi gong will always be powerful. I have work to do, so i’ll get to it. It’s beautiful outside again. Spring is almost here! Oh yes, i almost forgot. Check out the articles under related articles. They will have more information on some of the crystals i spoke about.


9 thoughts on “Super Crystals That Do Wonders For Your Breath Work

  1. What a wonderful idea … Now if you can just show us where to get the Gift from Mother Earth for free … as was the original intention … we will be most grateful .. Thank You

    • Thank you. Yeah, Searching for gemstones from mother earth… Now that would be a serious journey. Moldavite is from outer space:-) So we have to wait for a meteor to fall from outer space to get it or purchase it in a store. I would be cool to find all stones in their natural state. Herkimer Diamonds are mined in New York. I look forward to getting more stones from mines. I have a couple of stones that friends brought back and they had a nice vibration on them, I guess it’s because less hands have touched the crystals..Anyway, thank you again for leaving a comment. Peace and love ❤ 😀

    • I hear that:-D, Depends on your thoughts on money, my thoughts on it is this: It is not the money, it is the person. If you’re a healer and you use money as a tool to gather resources to heal the world, it’s all good. On the other hand if one uses money to destroy things or whatever is anti healing, hey now that’s where the person is wrong but its still not the money..its all in the action, perception and intention of the person ❤

  2. Providing that you live in a cave and rely on you followers for food … You are living a good life … Then your doctrine is pure …

    However, If you live in a nice house in the suburbs … Then your doctrine is wrong! … You must be the people to feel the people … I am sure you will understand.

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