Natural Hair Is Making A Huge Come Back!

Nowadays you can find black women of all ages wearing their natural hair. It wasn’t always like this though but through decades of trying everything except their own hair naturally it seems it was high time for women to revert to what they know best and that’s being ‘Au Natural.’ There’s no better time than the present to make that change. With 2012 well underway in the year of the Dragon according to the Chinese Horoscopes this year is full of fiery energy to finish projects and to make life altering moves and to also stick to them. Life is very interesting for everyone, particularly those who are ready to transform in their lives into a better one.

If you walked around and took a survey you may be surprised at the answers you would get if you asked women about their hair. It’s no surprise that mostly all women have been fussy about their hair at some point in their development. Hair is a favorite topic in the black community specifically. I’m sure that has something to do with the almost limitless possibilities of styles that African women can do with their hair. Ask any woman about her hair and you will get a really good story from them. There’s a story in every head of hair, there’s a story that’s just waiting to be told believe it or not. Just try one day and see for yourself.

The stories that a woman’s hair tell speak of the process of usually letting go or shedding an old way make way for nature to come in (the new way). In a nut shell that is what going natural is all about. It’s about self love, patience and confidence. Most women either love or don’t like their hair at all. Many black women find themselves resistant about taking care of their hair regardless to all the options of styles available to   them. There are even tons of natural hair stylists that are willing and waiting to receive new clientele so women don’t have to touch their hair if they don’t want to. Going natural   today is easier than ever! Why do so many women frown of the idea of taking care of their natural hair? It’s probably because no one taught them the basics of how to care for their African hair. As a result there are tons of women who cannot do their own hair, even if its just basic hair style. Women with naturals today are probably saying thank goodness for great their hair stylists that make miracles happen everyday with their kinky coily hair!


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