Are You Waiting In Vain For Love?


The moment of clarity…

Sure everyone likes someone..and some can’t get why the person they’re interested in can’t see them in the crowd..maybe the time isn’t right. Or maybe the two of you aren’t supposed to date at all. When you learn how to smile in your skin, to do for you without thinking about when someone is going to come and share with you- is when you’ll attract the proper one for you. The good vibrations you feel from the one you admire is going connect with the person who is on the same vibrations they’re on. It’s simple. It’s certainly not personal! If you think about it, they don’t know you yet anyway…So don’t even take it personally. Instead use the time of being single to enjoy all that you want to do. Treat yourself just like you want to treat your future mate. Visualize the good keynotes he or she will have when they show up. Smile about it. Smile about how special you are too. Then be mindful not to obsess over this way your life will be with mr. or ms. right. The faster that you live without regret and in the present is when ‘it’ will start to come together right before your eyes. Life is challenging when we hold on to the past. Life is less fun when we forget all the phenomenal connections we currently have along with all the blessings we have. All that requires you to fulfill your earthly mission on this planet will come to pass. Practice getting to know you so you will know others which will in able you to know your beloved when they finally decide to come your way..or maybe you will come their way<3 Dance in the light where all your dreams are created~ All will be in divine time~ Pass the time feeling so good you don’t notice time



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