Please Press Play Come Enter Me

Listen to me read this piece here:

Feeling this being Before ever meeting just because the frequencies favor.

He knew me…read me right away

Like a script I thought i was an independent documentary or something

energetically he spoke my language

Like a thief in the night he told me about our roles in the past life before we ever played out the part in our present lives-

like a medium he could just see. Like me..

How ironically

took my heart into his hands..played drums on it so I danced seductively to his fly azz rhythm

his musical artistry awakened ancient ancestral vibes within… we..

What did he look like…


let’s see

what i can remember

bear with me

It was something like this:

Metaphysically he is like a starry sky,  brown universal– soul loving- kinda brotha- he….-

Straight forward and bold he beckoned for my number..

nice…easy –

I gave it-

it was a moment of serendipity …regrettably I didn’t add up the numbers that showed up on the clock the second our eyes transpired into a daze that seemed to last for several days

the math equation on the clock could have explained why our paths interlocked at a certain degree- i think it was half past 3

I’m sure the number was 17 or maybe 7.. our connect was just so magnificent

I listened for a song before i wrote this piece although nothing plays quite as live as you..You’re jazzy like the moons glow..damn you bring smiles to my eyes as i play back your tune.. Your rays shine all over me and still There’s nothing worth playing on radio.

Not too much that compares to what you share with i. At least not in my mind’s eye..

I imagined you..

then you came to me…

felt your invitation since the day you expressed your intentions

during my Astral traveling….

body looked like an

african soldiers shining out there in the motherland, darkened to a bronze under the fiery sun

I had to thank you mentally..for lookin so good

came into my cypher out of the blue like the universe said cheers here’s to you (Two)!

I envision one day pouring my soul into your eyes and whispering Welcome to the life that we once knew

are you ready for part 2 —-yes yes yes yes yes…

said your eyes back to me

welcome back to our past in the present

this is a gift..

I’m swept up in a distant dream leftover from somewhere i once knew many lifetimes hands glow from the palms to my small wrists..I am a born healer..

my mind is in a space where reality and my dreams stand cheek to cheek. Although My vision is seen by all who pass by there’s no use in trying to hide… my hands are open illuminating light…

.my heart has been open since I incarnated back to this planet..It’s only right that we do our thing on this mega high vibe

the moment is right

I finally got it at 28..

so that’s it, I’m divine harmoniously one with all..I’m open….unconnected to none. yet one with all

I’m so sweetly loving the earths beats..within my heart a simple melody continues to captivate me..for all eternity. YOU..

If i could preserve your powerful words into an old copper time capsule so that i could pull those words out to drink from them whenever i was thirsty for your wisdom..

you’re so FLY that I stand Awaiting  moments that come..FOR THOUSANDS OF INCARNATIONS

each one teaching so many lessons..magnetic transformation is my nickname.. yours is wisdom returned Please Press Play Come Enter Me before we have to step into part 3..this poem is for healing, this poem is for healing..close your eyes and feel the love in this movement…press play…breathe deeper now and enter my play and come on in. I’ve been anticipating you


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