How To Make Unique Wired Jewelry Intuitively

The intuition is a very important part in the making of art.

You may have never heard it before now but it is. You’re here because you want to know how to make more unique, lovely jewelry that will attract more admirers and buyers too. That is exactly what this technique can do for your abilities to make art.

Using the right and left sides of the brain is known to be quite nice as far as the results that come from joining the two parts to make a whole piece of art. It is my intention to share with you my technique so that you can have a system personally just for you and your future jewelry line.

Firstly there are many types of jewelry that you can make with this method so don’t limit yourself in any way. Open your mind and use your hands to unlock the key in you. Deep I know but it is what it is. Self discovery of some of your personal powers is what this technique can reveal to you once you are ready.

The top reasons beginner jewelry makers aren’t already creating the jewelry they want to make is several reasons. I can tell you more about those reasons in a story I want to share with you..

.. Tonya was a little girl who grew up in a rough neighborhood back in the early 90’s. She walked around her home with her siblings in want of exploring nature without regard for the mess that awaited in the community she grew up in. There was much destruction in her community that she grew up not knowing who outside of her siblings and parents to trust.

Her mother was a woman of action whether it were in the house cooking, cleaning or facilitating camping trips with the  entire family, there was always fun to get into. Tonya wanted to trust herself above all else. The area where she needed to learn to trust was within her own person.

Often, she could feel a pull to draw on paper with pencils and to make various pieces of art with just about anything she could find. She watched jewelry being made on tv one day as she taught about the fun she could have making lovely colorful pieces of jewelry with her own hands. She knew jewelry was being made all over the world already and desired to invent her own way of creating a line of pieces all her own.

Tonya went out and bought what she intuitively wanted to make her jewelry pieces out of. After she came home she was ready to make about 75 pieces of jewelry.  Tonya was in high school almost a senior- but she was definitely ambitious with her dreams of becoming a famous jewelry designer one day she fantasized.

Instead Tonya returned home then found that she was not as good with making jewelry as she had suspected in her head. Tonya was taught the art of mentally ‘seeing’ herself do something before doing it by old coach she had. Their words were like gold to her, she certainly looked up to them, for their wisdom.

Her coach had the wisdom that could not be found in any sort of book.  Her coach had the wisdom that you have too. You just have to tap into what you’re best at.

Her coach taught that ‘remotely seeing’ herself complete a project would ultimately help her to remember what she already really knows how to do. Coach Sereda said that since all knowledge of everything is in the spirit presently.. Go about it like this:

  • One can buy a jewelry making video then take the video and watch it first as an observer taking quick mental notes
  • After that you would gab the materials it would take you to complete a project.
  • Then, hold them in your hands
  • close your eyes
  • while gently breathing
  • take a moment to see the pictures of the supplies in your hands again.
  • As you witness your breath, make sure you
  • Keep your breathing going.

Then you will stop and go directly into starting your jewelry with your inner sight focused on the way a finished project would come out once you finished it. For starters You will do this technique for around 1-3 times then you will know how to make jewelry without the use of instruction. You will need to learn the lesson that Tonya had to learn. You need to learn the lesson of trust. trust in your ability to create your dream jewelry!

Creating things is a creative gift. So you would have to get into that state of flowing in you want to tap in. You would need to connect to the abundant energy within you to get the jewelry making techniques to come to you. By using the inward way of making the jewelry before trying to take hundreds of hours to learn jewelry making you will be more confident but also you can grasp the method of making your preferred style of jewelry way faster than it would be for you to start by only taking an entire course on it. Do make sure to use this sequence of creating for at night and you’ll see the difference in your learning abilities quickly.

Here are some pictures of jewelry that i have made with this technique. One day there will be a course on this art but for now use this simple tutorial. Connect to to keep your Bliss flowing which helps with the jewelry making process as well. You are a super hero! Know this!

Please share some techniques you use to make jewelry? And have fun above all else!

 IMG_0907 IMG_0913 IMG_0970 IMG_1023 IMG_1077 IMG_1106 IMG_1108 IMG_1123 IMG_1129 IMG_1155 IMG_1161 IMG_1174 IMG_1182 IMG_1181 IMG_1218 IMG_1255 IMG_1264 IMG_1274 IMG_1316 IMG_1506 IMG_1517 IMG_1536 IMG_1553 IMG_1568 IMG_1687IMG_1771

IMG_1754 IMG_1777 IMG_1781 IMG_1792 IMG_1885 IMG_1884 IMG_1890 IMG_1860 IMG_1921 IMG_1930 IMG_1932 IMG_1934 IMG_1940 IMG_1949 IMG_1955 IMG_1960 IMG_1961 IMG_1977 IMG_1980 IMG_2025 IMG_2028 IMG_2031 IMG_2035 IMG_2042 IMG_2048 IMG_2057 IMG_2167 IMG_2201 IMG_2205Healing Amulets

3 thoughts on “How To Make Unique Wired Jewelry Intuitively

  1. Oh my, YOU are an lightened being!!! I am compelled to make my own version of the Tree of Life. I will learn how to work in wire. I unwittingly have been preparing for this since I have amassed a collection of wires and tools without having yet made anything. Exciting. I even have the small stones for the “leaves”.

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