Bliss and love to you..Thank you for stopping by! Welcome to my Official Personal blog, where I let my hair down and go in deep on all my favorite topics. Writing is a delightful main attraction in my world! Stay plugged in if you want to know. Thanks again!

It’s truly a pleasure to have you join me. We are happily connected. Now on to the good stuff, OK. I’m deeply spiritual, but I am also joyful and down to earth too. I enjoy Museums, art, photography…I love Writing and Speaking too..fashion..yea i love that too. (Read more about my list of loves further down) I do my own thing as far as fashion is concerned. You’ll see.

I have a large family. You will see some of them in my posts sometimes. I live in Baltimore MD currently. I’m from California. I’ve lived many places though..long story..good one though. I have 2 cats that i love to pieces (one boy and one girl). I speak their language and they certainly understand mine. I’m vegan. Feminine, yin, I have natural hair. Love being healthy too; it keeps my energy and joy high. A healthy lifestyle keeps my creativity high too.

Enough of that..here is my reason for blogging. And after that more about me and what i do. Enjoy!

Deep Earth is a HOT blog where you get to journey with me throughout my expressions  about my life as a divine being having an earthly experience. As a philosophical thinker i tend to live on the deep side of things. I’m not one for taking things as they come. I enjoy looking under the surface for truth and understanding how things work at the core.

As a writer, i see everything i write about as a canvas, with paint everywhere…I am able to organize my writing ideas as processes in my thoughts- as i write i organize the photos in my mind into these colorful and vibrant paintings that illuminate for me in mid air. Writing is like visual poetry to me.

What’s my life all about? I’m on earth but i don’t identify with being a human being. I identify with being a divine being having an earthly experience, so the title: (A nickname i gave myself) *Deep Earth* is my way of expressing the Deepness of my own personal Earthly experience. I’m highly spiritual and govern my life according to the 11 Laws of Maat, Law of Karma and Law of Attraction as well, my foundation is rooted in Kametic Spirituality though.

At the core of Kametic teachings is the understanding that we were created in the likeness of God and nothing or no one can be against us, if we want change, we should become the change we want to see in the world. When we heal ourselves, our efforts work on many levels. Also, when we heal ourselves, this intent has the ability to contribute healing to the entire world since we’re all connected. So when you give to someone you’re giving back to you, since the same invisible universal life force energy is in all persons’ and things.

On my blog I speak about all facets of life. I enjoy sharing, and assisting others in getting to the next level in their lives. I’m eccentric, loving and continually focused on healing me and the world.

Life is simple in my book, as divine beings’ we are here on this planet to learn lessons through challenges and ongoing experiences.

There are some people who do better with comprehending the process and balance of this earthly existence. In what way am i speaking of? I’ll show you here: Those of us who have a greater understanding of Divine order and how harmony with all plays a huge part in that reality: Often people with this level of understanding are moved by a responsibility to teach others the ways of remembering their inner Bliss and Peace. These people make this a part of their lives daily.

By doing our work on the planet we also continue the work of our ancestors as well as lighting the way for the children of our future. So they can live a better quality of life than we do   currently.

I’ve always loved motivating others’. Although i am keeping my person on point with what i need to do in my life by assisting my reflections, This is hardly work to me. It’s more like a dream. This is my passion.

Finally, I created this blog to share more writing with the world, before this blog, i wrote most of my work on Facebook and Twitter.  I decided to change it up since some people don’t have access to social networking sites or they aren’t interested in joining them.

I write every single day. There is always something to write about. Blogging daily gives me 3 things i enjoy so much, that is: The ability to look at photos, research information and to share my 2 cents. Balance is key to enjoying life fully. This is a great way for me to indulge in the  visual side of life along with the spiritual side too. I love playing match the photo with the article. LOL! What can be better than sharing with the world?

Thanks for your interest! Please follow my blog and comment on some posts, thank you so very much, and do not hesitate to share this blog with others.

Currently i’m focused on finishing a book project. Full-time I work as an Intuitive Business Consultant & Relationship Adviser. I occasionally work with individuals as well. Almost forgot to mention our Health Consulting services too. Interested yet?

As far as my business: Our movement is called Bliss Returned. Feel free to inquire about our rates for services or for inviting us to your city for speaking engagements and workshops.

We are pretty busy and we love what we do! Stay tuned by subscribing to my blog.. Comments are always welcomed as well. peace!

Want to know more about me?

Here is what i do for a living and many of my interests.

Writing, Healing, Business Consulting, Divining, Family, Friends, Tea, Singing, Maat, Divine Order, Dancing, Tantra, Toaism, Art, Harmony, Foreign places, Poetry, Movies, Astrology, Vegan Food, Meditating, Pranayama, Flowers, Qi Gong, Kundalini Yoga, Reading, Cooking, Traveling, Spiritual work, Nature, Modeling, Photography, Dream Interpretation, Tropical Weather, Books, Researching, Waterfalls, Numerology, LOA, Pool, Bowling, Roller Blading, Kettlebells, Romance, Smoothies, Fashion, Music, Vegan Desserts, Technology, Gadgets, Creating, Learning, Having Fun, Laughing, Cats, Crocheting and Constantly evolving.

Still wanna know more? Check out the articles for that.

Check out a blog that’s full of resources. We call it Bliss Returned. At this blog I contribute my two cents daily. Enjoy!

www.blissreturned.wordpress.com <====== click here

Also, checkout my Photo Blog <======= click here

Follow me if you like what I’m doing! Peace, bliss and love.


24 thoughts on “About

  1. Your evolution is an Inspiration, a blessing to follow you on this journey. It lends hope to my soul, I may find my way back to my path.
    Your journey Re-affirmers my dreams Sereda
    I feel the pride along with you as sisters in the spirit
    I feel pride,love,and Blessed to have been witness to your blossoming abundance and conviction to your path.
    Thank-you sister

    • Ahh :-D. Your site is just as beautiful. Thanks so much for the lovely, warm words~ I will certainly check out your other blog too..looks interesting already! ~ peace and love

      Here is the other site you may enjoy of mine: I’m here everyday writing

  2. Im enjoying your blog, it is very well structured and has a very nice energy and feel to it. I will check in read and comment as spirit moves. This blog is very purposeful and enjoyable.

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