Law of Attraction Awareness

We are always in the creation mode+ the attracting mode= manifesting mode. Know that we got that out of the way.  We must know that it is most important for us to constantly return to center. This is a reminder that we are the only ones who can direct our internal show. By internal show i mean, our thoughts and visions that accompany them.

The steps of The LAw of Attraction are simple but like walking through a sacred tomb that has been filled with secret knowledge for decades. It has been around forever. The LOA is quantum physics in a ultra deep level. Yes it gets deep when you look at how we can look in any direction or even close our eyes- still we are creating our reality from the inside out.

When one learns how to use The LOA with awareness, it can be compared to returning back to their childhood and living out their dreams within. This is because part of using The Law of Attraction has to do with acting as though you have what you want NOW! There is no limit to the methods one can use to see themselves with their wants now.  Taking a visit to a house that reminds them of their dream home, going into meditation to recall a series of pleasant memories and visiting the beach for needed relaxation by simply closing their eyes are just some of the ways one can create more positive things in their life by intending it.

So go within all throughout the day since you are always attracting what you are thinking. You have a genuine opportunity to do so with a new understanding. The great thing about being an adult is that your imagination can be guided better than when you were a child. For this reason, manifesting will  be  even better for you. Write some goals and focus on the vision and act as though you have it already. That’s what i call using your force beloved!

It is the vision and motion combined that create the necessary spark to fuel our desires or wants. The funny thing is: If one did not know what The LOA was, but they were observing you go through the manifesting process, and perhaps took a look at your list of wants and don’t’s. They would probably say you are lying to yourself and to others about what you do and do not have.

It is true, part of the LAW OF ATTRACTION is to say AND think you have something already. For this reason alone, IT IS IMPORTANT TO SURROUND YOUR PERSON WITH LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS TO at least SOME EXTENT -anyway.

This group is here for that purpose. If we are telling a lie (saying you have IT already) to begin manifesting, know that your words will not be a lie for long if you or someone else says so. You have to know it is a programming technique. The step is essential to planting the new reality. Words are energy. When we affirm anything verbally we create a new personal truth. Afterwards our body will animate (move) in the way that we need it to in order to achieve our identified aspirations and goals.

The unlimited power is within. It is shared by all. You have it. Your most desired is waiting to be picked up. Harmonize in the mind and abundance you shall reap. ❤ We have a group on Facebook called:  Law of Attraction University. Please click here to visit our page ❤ 


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