Divine Love Soul Mating Bliss

You connected to me in a righteous way, no other could feel the message I’ve come forth in this life to relay, you speak my silent language, you write of abundance in love but never separate you from life. You dance in my head like the rain does on the sea during a mild storm. Completeness we are reunited from another time, there’s no hesitation in our hearts of where we come from, we know we were born into this life to build a nation of self starters & healers through our children we cultivate our nation..also with our thoughts and words we speak them to create the force of light that we want to see in the world right now..we are not afraid of a things because we chose this path in this time at this very moment, we welcome the next minute while we smile in the past, always remaining aware of our powers to attract..we never have to doubt what we came to do in the world, we exude it instead, allowing our actions to speak the magic that we are by nature. Inter-Connected Souls in Bliss


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