This is a Blackman dedication!


Here’s to another Good Morning! Thank you for existing!

Who’s singing this song? It’s The ultra supa-fly soul sistah #1 GEORGIA ANNE MULDROW – And what song is this? It’s actually Two songs, one is BLACKMAN & the other is BLACKMAN(REPRISE) and yes on the video the songs play in that order!

The second sond, The Blackman (Reprise) is my wake up song although they are both out of this world- shoot wait a minute- All Goergia’s music is! Alright- Feel this…peace, love, respect and abundance ❤

This is real underground music and some of the best I’ve ever heard!

You won’t find Georgia on Itunes because she is beyond that! Her music is futuristic yet connected ancestrally to the past! 

Check out Georgia’s discography here:

Find the songs in the video on this cd (IT’S A HOT ONE BY THE WAY) –


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