Feelin’ Love by Paula Cole: What a Passionate song!

some love in a mosaic

some love in a mosaic (Photo credit: marie-ll)


When i think about sexy songs, there are is a list of songs that come to mind. This song i’m posting is certainly one of them. I was thinking about an older song earlier today and watched it on youtube. This is one of the best songs around. I can’t understand all of the words in it. No lie, i have always played this song multiple times and back to back each time i hear it. I’m sure this song has been out for at least 10 years. I don’t even have the album anymore. I will definitely check out some other songs though. If you know of some of Paula Coles songs that exude as much PASSION as this song does. Please share your findings. Have a great day and always enjoy each moment of your life. Bliss Returned~


Replies and comments are welcome

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