Don’t eat that.. After You See This: 2 Year Old Fast food Non Perishing Stuff

Don't eat that.. After You See This: 2 Year Old Fast food Non Perishing Stuff

This food is at least 2 years old. The photo is off the internet but man. If you don’t believe it, try it at home. Research and analysis is the solver of most concerns. In my experience as a holistic healer- Fastfood is not the answer. It’s got no nutritional value..isn’t eating supposed to be to live. This hybrid stuff is’t fulfilling anything positive for anyone at the end of the day. It’s fast for many things like sickness, aches, pains, headaches, obesity, dementia, alzheimer’s disease and a host of other things i know i’m missing in this post. I’ll keep this short and sweet today and If you can think of more disadvantages to eating this mystery material please post a comment or share your thoughts either way..there is no right or wrong. I just come to bring some healing…Peace and always Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “Don’t eat that.. After You See This: 2 Year Old Fast food Non Perishing Stuff

    • You’re so right. Something has to give. Most people simply follow their taste buds and that’s it. One day there has to be more balance or many more will be sick. Thanks so much for your comment. We appreciate you! Bliss and Abundance~

        • They are in need of deep healing for sure but they can all turn it around if they want to. Yeah they are simply eating for taste. There can’t be any reasoning going on in there. Look at what this stuff does to the body and in crazy- fast amounts of time..I also think its the body because when the body doesn’t get the nutrients that it needs to function, it craves junk. The moment we add wholefoods to the body, it stops craving dangerous salty, high sugar, high chemically treated…and i could go on forever lol…but i think its mostly the latter..the body is craving the only thing it has memory of and that’s the fast processed stuff…I’m visualizing healing on this planet again now!:-) love and light~

  1. I’d first like to start out by saying BULLSHIT!

    So-called healthy eating is bullshit.

    I watched an episode of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit on Showtime,and they pointed out that ppl who are eating an organic food diet is no more healthier than ppl who ate fast food.

    Organic food being better and healthier is bullshit.

    They’re laden with chemicals the same way as inorganic foods.

    Ppl should just live and eat what the hell they want.

    Last point,my great grandfather is 95 years old.Do you know what he eats on a regular basis?Burgers,fries and sodas lol!

    You cannot give him an apple.

    So my point is,vegans and so-called healthy ppl die faster than ppl who are supposed to be deemed unhealthy.

    All the old ppl I know(over 90),all eat junk and drink sodas and have to be forced to drink water.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. This blog post is for those who identify with the information mostly, first of all. A large part of the population of this planet are over weight or under weight. So many people are sick! Either way they are malnourished. The name of my business and cause is Bliss Returned (for more info on it check the about page). I write for those who want to feel good. I write for those who know they need to make a change (somewhere) in their lives but need some motivation to get there.

      I come forth to motivate. How about you? What’s your position in the world? Also, I have a lot of family that’s not feeling good just like the next person but my position isn’t to soothe people to keep hurting themselves or to just be comforted by fooling themselves either. Just because people are still living doesn’t mean they are healthy or happy honey. Whether someone lives to be 130 or only 20 years old from eating a dead diet is up to them. So i feel you there. Yeah, It’s their life. I don’t judge anyone but i am a healer and educator so that is what i do. People are looking to feel better every single day and they want solutions to their problems. Remember this: All that you spoke of (Is NOT the reality in the world, nor is it the majority either).

      The real reality is that people are dropping from health related issues all the time honey. Now check it, i was vegan for many years and i felt freaking great! But, As of almost 2 weeks now i am not anymore since i started reading a book called Eat right for your blood type. Check that book out it built on facts, research and studies. Now i eat some fish, eggs and a small amount of low fat dairy..but only from a health food market! I still feel good. So, no Meat isn’t the killer, it’s over eating and eating a load of processed foods. And chemicals that are laced in the food. I wouldn’t buy my fish from the regular market for instance because of all the hormones in it. Nor would i eat mainstream snacks either like doritos and chips ahoy. If i can’t read what’s in it. I don’t buy it. I don’t eat to be full but rather to heal my body. I stay healthy as a result and so do those who have taken my advice too. I’ve been at this for years..i’ve see the trends of death by eating all wrong. I know better than to think people don’t need to change what they’re eating.

      I wrote all this and now i see that you missed a VERY important point here. Look at the title of the post again. ‘Don’t eat that.. After You See This: 2 Year Old Fast food Non Perishing Stuff’. My reason for posting this is because people need to know that what they think they’re eating is not food at all but materials and chemicals. That’s the point of this article. Do you have anything to add on that?

      See At ‘Bliss Returned’ we teach that you don’t have to gamble with your life. That we all have the freedom to choose. We show all the ways that Bliss can be Returned to ones’ life. We teach people how to Educate themselves and how to live free of an unfulfilled life, ignorance and illness.

      That’s all i wanted to say. Thank you. Peace and love to you. Please watch your words on this blog as well.

      • Socialkenny is pranking. He can’t be serious or living in this world. At least that’s what I would like to think, but unfortunately we accept that people really are that misinformed and misguided. If the above hasn’t decayed, then its not food. That’s simple. An apple decays. It is food. There are healthy and sick vegans & healthy and sick meat-eaters. Then there are those who eat wrecklessly. Eating fast foods regularly is destructive by all scientific standards. Whomever heard of some study to the contrary and believed it, I’m sorry to hear that you’re that ill-equipped to interpret information for yourself.

        • Misinformed?

          How many vegans or so-called healthy ppl you know over the ages of 90?

          It’s all bullshit and propaganda.

          The healthy food industry knows their foods and products are no healthier than inorganic stuff,but they’re not gonna tell us that since they’re looking a profit.

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