Delicious Gourmet Raw Oatmeal! Just Say Yes~




This raw oatmeal recipe easy, healthy too! Serve with fresh fruit and nuts if you like. I just finished my 100% raw vegan month. I finished a bit early. That’s another matter but anyway, i am still eating 70% raw and %30 cooked foods. Balance is the key to great health. Which brings me to why i’m eating raw oatmeal. I’m sure someone is wondering:-) It actually tastes very good. 


The market has been out of raw ‘OAT GROATS‘ for several weeks. I stopped by a store i rarely go to. They had them. You can always call ahead. Make sure they don’t think you’re looking for steel cut, rolled or oat bran. Tell this its pieces of Oats that are in their natural state. Pieces of natural oats are about the size of a grain of rice. You can order Oats online too. If you find a good site let me know. typically you can find them for about $1.99 per pound. Since the market was out for so long i bought 3/ 3 lbs bags of oat groats. Yes, they are that good to me. Wait until you hear about the nutritional facts on them. They are perfect for folks that use their brains all the time. As a writer and consultant, oats area yummy holistic tonic for my nervous system. 

Raw Oatmeal Let’s Go!

Serves 2

*Warning oatmeal is so delicious!

(If you enjoy large servings, you may eat too much) 

Two fruits of the Date Palm, The Left is a Med...




1) 2 cups raw whole oats (soaked overnight in filtered water) 

2) 1 handful of soaked raw nuts Walnut, Pecan or Almonds (soaked overnight)

3) 2 1/4 cups water, room temperature

4) Raw honey, Agave, Maple syrup (for serving) 

5) 4 small dates 

6) 3 pinches of sea salt or less

7) Fruit (1 banana, berries, apple)

8) 6 pinches of Cinnamon 

9) Vanilla beans or extract (optional)

10) 1 Pinch of allspice or nutmeg (optional)

English: Blanched almonds. Gaelg: Almonyn gial...


1. In a blender, blend 1 1/2 cups of the oats with enough of the water until well blended. Add everything except the extra fruit you want on top of the oatmeal Plus remaining water if needed. Blend oatmeal until you get the texture you prefer. Add (#4 & #7) on top when you serve the oatmeal or you can add all fruit to the blender. This recipe is versetile. Finally before serving, add fruit and choice of vegan sweetener to taste, and sprinkle with chopped nuts. Enjoy! 

Small maple syrup jug with non-functional loop...


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