Releasing The Unhealthy Tendancy of Codependency

With each passing year most would likely agree that this life is very interesting. I would go as far to say it’s pretty damn perplexing, yeah I know. So, if you don’t think so I’ll tell you some reasons why I said that. Sometimes you might want to cry but instead how about we just agree to laugh about life for now on! We can’t change others anyhow. Other folks are usually why you feel the tension you feel from time to time. How about this, Stop it now. So here’s the next part of this reality…

The world is full of people that need to work on themselves, and no you’re not exempt from the group of people needing to work on themselves either (thought  you were off the hook, Nope Guess Again!).  I’m laughing (now the straight face) but neither am I. Let’s go there..shall we?

Relationships come in every shape, size, color and variation. It would seem natural for relationships to be about exchanging energy, information or at times even resources of some sort. Seems easy enough right? Its not that easily broken down most of the time though. Clarity is lacking in these connections a great bit of the time though…So what can you do about it, you ask???

What are the various types of relationships you ask? Well, there are business relationships, passionate relationships between couples or some call them romantic relationships. There are also other relationships categories such as family, friends, associates or whatever. You get the picture here. There is an issue some of the time with these relatings though. What could be wrong in the land of positive exchange you’re thinking??? For the most part many relationships aren’t all that positive. At least that what the participants of such a union say under their breaths. What’s wrong is… It’s communication. All day long, that’s it.What’s up with the lack of communication though?

Communication is the heart of one on one relationships there’s no way around it! For some reason, people think they can avoid the detailed chatting and skip straight into a harmonious cloud of being perfectly meshed and matched- together forever…

Can you say ‘Somebodys gotta be DREAMING??’ That’s not even close to reality. Maybe if two people are on drugs 100% of the time, maybe it would work LOL..okay bad joke. But you get the point.

From the stand point of knowing about the exchange that needs to take place in a relations typa thing, folks are doing counterproductive acts that will never support anything positive in a relationship. What’s the counterproductive part though? Here’s an example…. Blaming others for not doing what you were supposed to be doing in the first place. If you give it some thought it happens all the time also it’s a bit crazy wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s look at this way, you have the personal responsibility to do a task that perhaps you don’t want to do so, you ask /tell another person to do it for you. Except you forget the other person is doing you a favor because its not their thing to begin with. Right, then you have the audacity to get mad when the person you asked to do the thing for you tells you they don’t want to do it. People have free will! Although this is a fact, some people flat out still don’t know it.

Many say they know it but occasionally forget that we all have freewill. So they don’t reaally know it! It’s like this: You came into the world by yourself. When you go, you can bet you will go alone too. First and foremost! You are free to be, so is everyone else too. No one really has a reason to depend on another except for children of course. Okay maybe pets too.

Do you know about a time when you had a fit about not being able to find something that belonged to you? Then instead of looking for the lost or misplaced thing you found a way to put the responsibility on someone else. It’s easy to pass right…but it doesn’t make it right to get short with others when you didn’t map your plan out well enough…Come on.. It’s time to hold ourselves responsible at once. No one can do that for us besides us. Just a bit of food for thought. Get free! Stop the needy, I’m a victim mentality! Peace and bliss for life.


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